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We are GlassArts

For more than 20 years, GlassArts Design have specialised in a range of window treatments, including designing and manufacturing leadlights, stained glass, sandblasting, window tint and frosted film applications, for residential and commercial clients.


We offer a comprehensive service, from design through to installation for clients across the Auckland area and its surrounding regions.


GlassArts Design can help you with anything you need for your window treatment, from beautiful stained glass to functional window tints or frosted film application.


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Leadlights / Stained Glass

Leadlights and stained glass windows are common in older New Zealand buildings, whether they’re the elaborate pieces seen in churches, or the more simple designs found in houses. Leadlight windows are typically found in buildings from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Constructed by skilled craftsmen, they were typically based around geometrical designs, which, like most home décor, varied according to fashion. Stained glass started becoming popular from about 1900, and it’s often a work of art in itself.


For more than 20 years, GlassArts has produced custom stained glass windows that are specially designed and crafted for each client.

GlassArts Design can create a concept for you, and custom-make an original piece based on traditional or modern designs. Our design service produces one-off, completely unique pieces – we never just replicate a stained glass window design from a book.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your ideas for your design, and after that we’ll put together a scaled concept drawing for you. We’ll assist you in choosing glass colours and textures, and then handcraft your unique piece, giving you plenty of opportunity to check its progress.

We also offer an installation service for your piece – and all you then need to do is admire it every day.


If your building or house was built before 1930, any original glass in it would have been imported from Britain or America at great expense, so that stained glass window is well worth restoring.

At GlassArts Design we specialise in the restoration of historic stained glass windows. We pay a lot of attention to conservation, and we’re careful to let you know just how much work we can do to restore your stained glass back to its original glory without losing any of its historical integrity.

In addition to restoration, we also offer a repair service for stained glass windows. Depending on the degree of repair needed, we can often make the repair onsite. As with restorations, we approach all repairs with an eye for detail when matching the colour and texture of your glass to ensure the repair is not noticeable.


Email us with an image of your broken leadlight window and address and we’ll arrange a free quote for you


Frosted film. Open up a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility, and contact us today.

With frosted film, you have access to unlimited design possibilities on glass surfaces, from visual effects with depths of transparency to graphic patterns. Frosted film is ideal for office and home, and can be used to completely block out areas such as meeting rooms in open-plan offices or to cover up your bathroom windows.

Whether you already have creative ideas of your own, or would like some help, GlassArts Design can help you all the way from design to application of the frosted film.

If you’re looking for instant privacy, as well as natural light, frosted film is an affordable and effective answer.

Window Films and Tint

Window films and tints can be used in a number of ways – you can use them to strengthen glass, block out UV rays, and even protect the surface of your glass from vandalism. This makes them ideal for the office, where compliance with safety standards is important and you have equipment to protect. GlassArts Design offers a range of window film and tint options. The tinting films are also available in a variety of shades, including neutral.

To learn more about Window Films and Tint, talk to us for more information and for a free quote.

Security film gives large sheets of glass an extra measure of protection against breakage, and is an affordable way to bring your pre-existing glass up to compliance with AS/NZ 2208. Security film that bonds fast to your window or door glass and keeps it from shattering. So should you experience a break-in, a storm, or some other damaging event, it’ll hold together, protecting what’s behind it. Not only is it good for your peace of mind, it’s more affordable than replacing glass would be – and it’s as clear as the glass it’s applied to.

Everyone likes natural light indoors, but with that light comes glare, heat, and UV rays. That’s when the room gets stuffy, soft furnishings fade, and you strain to see the TV or computer screen. GlassArts Design can provide you with solar films for flat glass, which reflect up to 79% of the sun’s energy while leaving the glass transparent. That helps to reduce your heating and cooling bill, as well as lessens sun-fade damage to interiors and furnishings. And with the reflective properties of dark tints, they’ll appear dark from the outside, but clear from the inside, so you’ll have increased privacy, too.

Nobody wants to have to replace an expensive sheet of glass just because it’s been vandalised. Anti-graffiti film is an easy, affordable way to protect a glass surface. We apply the film to the glass, and if it gets scratched or vandalised, it can be removed and replaced – for much less than the cost of a new panel of glass.

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Sandblasting is a permanent and versatile way to turn plain glass into a work of art, used to permanently etch a pattern onto a glass surface. The process involves blasting the surface with grit to engrave the surface, resulting in a milky appearance.GlassArts Design can replicate your picture, photo, or pattern onto glass or a mirrored surface – the design opportunities are endless.

We’ve been helping clients turn their Sandblasting ideas into creative, unique designs for more than 20 years

  • Anita (and Ron) - Laingholm, Auckland

    Ron and I are loving our new stained glass windows that you created and installed by our front door a few days ago. Every day one or both of us comment on how pretty they are. You did an excellent job, and designed something more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.

  • Robin & Lindsay - Remuera, Auckland

    As part of the renovation of our house we decided we’d like to make a feature out of a new window. We found GlassArts easily on the internet and once I contacted Ian he was fantastic. We created the design together on a window sized brown piece of paper, down at his workshop in Kingsland. It was exciting to make the window design come alive by trying out different colors and textures. From concept through design to installation only took a few weeks and the end result is amazing – our own unique piece of Glass Art!!! All our neighbors love it and we do too – it changes with the light and is a pleasure to look at.I’d recommend GlassArts instantly to anyone who wants something special and unique, created by a specialist in glass! Thanks Ian.

  • Penny and Martin - Devonport, Auckland

    Working with Ian and Glass Arts was easy and we are thrilled with the result. They live up to their name – we now have a piece of art in our front door. The process is transparent, inclusive and professional. We recommend Ian and his team very highly.

  • Frank Koenen - Mt Albert Grammar

    The reflective tint was installed to darken the hall to assist seeing the slide projections on the wall. It has also eliminated glare and reduced heat during summer months. The product is performing well and GlassArts have provided an excellent service.

  • Anne & Richard - Devonport, Auckland

    “Having hunted for over a year for a suitable design for the front door of our 1903 villa – we were lucky to spot a display by GlassArts at Bungalow & Villa. I knew immediately that’s what I wanted – an amazing bold almost nautical look with beveled glass and gorgeous blue inserts. Ian was efficient, accommodating and flexible – he listened to what we wanted and delivered a fantastic front entrance lead light design. We love it and by the many comments we have had so do other people.”

  • Rochelle & Peter – Point Chevalier, Auckland

    “We approached Ian, Yvette and the team at Glassarts because we needed to install a tinted film on our full height windows in our new home. We were conscious that we needed a solution to block the glare from afternoon sun and prevent our furniture and floor coverings from fading, but didn’t want to obscure our view. Ian was extremely accommodating and happy to come out first to test a range of tint samples before recommending the chosen tint option. The service from Glassarts was prompt and competitively priced for a high quality result. The team were prepared to go that extra mile to serve me as a customer and I would have no hesitation in recommending their window tinting services in future.”

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