Window films and tints can be used in a number of ways – you can use them to strengthen glass, block out UV rays, and even protect the surface of your glass from vandalism. This makes them ideal for the office, where compliance with safety standards is important and you have equipment to protect. GlassArts Design offers a range of window film and tint options. The tinting films are also available in a variety of shades, including neutral.

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Security film gives large sheets of glass an extra measure of protection against breakage, and is an affordable way to bring your pre-existing glass up to compliance with AS/NZ 2208. Security film that bonds fast to your window or door glass and keeps it from shattering. So should you experience a break-in, a storm, or some other damaging event, it’ll hold together, protecting what’s behind it. Not only is it good for your peace of mind, it’s more affordable than replacing glass would be – and it’s as clear as the glass it’s applied to.

Everyone likes natural light indoors, but with that light comes glare, heat, and UV rays. That’s when the room gets stuffy, soft furnishings fade, and you strain to see the TV or computer screen. GlassArts Design can provide you with solar films for flat glass, which reflect up to 79% of the sun’s energy while leaving the glass transparent. That helps to reduce your heating and cooling bill, as well as lessens sun-fade damage to interiors and furnishings. And with the reflective properties of dark tints, they’ll appear dark from the outside, but clear from the inside, so you’ll have increased privacy, too.

Nobody wants to have to replace an expensive sheet of glass just because it’s been vandalised. Anti-graffiti film is an easy, affordable way to protect a glass surface. We apply the film to the glass, and if it gets scratched or vandalised, it can be removed and replaced – for much less than the cost of a new panel of glass.